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High End Look, with Low End Fashion Finds!

Who doesn't love luxury, I mean you have to treat yourself sometimes right! Paying a little more for something timeless, special and well made will save you money in the long run.

Now the question is, can you achieve an luxurious look (high-end) with clothing that is affordable (low-end) and I say YES!

I have found many low-end stores that follow the same trends as the high-end stores. The trick to buying low-end is to stick with neutral colors, like black, white, beige or cream. I find that cheaper material in bright colors tend to be more noticeable, where as neutral colors aren't as noticeable. Staple pieces like blazers, distressed jeans and combat boots can easily be paired with a basic white tee shirt or collar shirt and be a high-end look.

Here are some stores that I shop at that will still give you a luxurious trendy yet affordable look...

  • Zara

  • H & M

  • Mango

  • Forever21

  • LuLus

  • PrettyLittleThing

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